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Client Planner

Your customer login area provides essential planning tools in a single, organized location. Complete planning forms, Request Music (for djs), Fill out a Satisfaction Survey, Sign a Contract, Manage attendees, Make Payments, and more. Each option is completely customized for your particular needs. Outlined below are some of the most popular features.

Planning Forms

Clients can plan their event online!
Design your event worksheet templates and clients can complete them online. The tool can be used to provide event details, love stories, or other event-specific needs. Updates happen in real-time; there is no need to save so less can be lost.

Satisfaction Surveys

Know what you are doing well and what needs improvement
Providing clients with a satisfaction survey helps you improve services and is a great method of advertising.

Unlimited Timelines

Always know the order of events!
Our unique drag and drop timeline widget makes it easy for your event planner to organize list(s) of activities. You may assign multiple timelines to each event and order by suggested time or by sequence. Updates are instant; you never need to worry about a client forgetting to save!

Music Jukebox

Let your clients build a dreamlist!
If you provide music, this amazing feature permits your clients to generate the ultimate request list. Our full-featured music request system has music videos for them to watch, discography information, lyrics, and so much more.

Guest Manager

Manage Guest List and Guest Requests!
Gigbuilder provides multiple methods of accessing a guest request system. Your event planner can add guests, they can be created dynamically with an event password, or can be completely anonymous.

Payment Gateway

Clients can pay online!
Don't pay extra for a payment gateway - its included in Gigbuilder. Accept payments from your clients using your existing merchant account such as square, stripe,, or merchant program -- Paypal, or Both!

Print Manager

Print Worksheets, Contracts, and More!
Gigbuilder's print manager keeps everything in one convenient place. Your client can print/sign a contract, get a copy of the timeline, worksheets, song requests, and other important documents. Printing can be to a web page or PDF!

Change Manager

Client can request venue/time changes!
Dealing with time or venue changes is easy with Gigbuilder. Your client can simply request the change online giving you the opportunity to respond and instantly update the event paperwork.

Contract System

Protect yourself with a solid contract.
Our contract generator creates customized documents using fields from the event, client, venue, and more. Build traditional mail and sign contracts OR have your client sign them electronically in their online planner!

Refer A Friend

Have your Client Refer Business!
Once your client has the opportunity to use the powerful Gigbuilder tools they will want to refer their friends. Give them an incentive such as a gift card to enhance the chances of referral business.

Contact Forms

Instant Contact Options for Clients!
You don't need to give out your cell phone to receive a text message. Gigbuilder handles that automatically. You don't need to give out your personal email address either. Our Contact Forms and tools are a simple way for your client to communicate any time of the day, any day of the week.